EntornoWe are located on the Guadalope Riverbank, 14 kms from Caspe, and surrounded only by nature. The access road from Caspe is called Zaragoceta Road, which runs initially through drylands. Once we enter the irrigated lands the olive orchards appear, along with fruit trees, alfalfa and corn fields and vegetable gardens that turn the surroundings green.

The continental weather, with its harsh winters and hot summers makes aromatic flowering shrubs such as rosemary abundant, while others such as sabinas, junipers and brooms are commonly seen.
The riverbanks offer a more exuberant vegetation, trees, such as tamarites and eneas (Typha latifolia ) etc. You can enjoy watching the local fauna, from big birds of prey to reptiles (ocellated lizard and turtles), and if you are lucky, even otters.
You can enjoy the landscape either walking or riding a bicycle through the gently sloping terrain. The irrigated lands create a fertile strip that runs from the Civan Channel to the river, where people have been living for generation in “Torres” (stone houses).
La Escuela de Zaragoceta (School of Zaragoceta), la Escuela de Miraflores (School of Miraflores) y la Iglesia del Pilar en Zaragoceta (The Church of El Pilar, in Zaragoceta) all bear witness to the people who have lived in the area since the 1950´s There is a medieval bridge called el Puente de Masatrigos , which is located on the lower section of the Guadalope river.
We suggest that you visit these surroundings as well as the people living there, who will be more than happy to talk with you