Here are several short trips you can enjoy while you are here. You can get guides and information at the host´s house.


Mar de AragónMequinenza Reservoir. Beautiful landscape, water activities.


Mar de Aragón en Caspe 

Ayuntamiento de Caspe 


County Route. Torre del reloj, Mausoleo Romano, Virgen de dos aguas. Interesting cultural heritage sites. You can visit the house where Pablo Gargallo was born, the Ethnográphic Museum in Nonasp and swim in the clear waters of Algas river. Museu Nonasp

Museo Etnológico de Nonasp

Ayuntamiento de Fabara

Ayuntamiento de Maella



Saladas de ChipranaRestricted access. Endorheic Nature Reserve where you can visit a lagoon with one the most remarkable ecosystems in the Iberian Peninsula.

Saladas de Chiprana


Meanders route Ebro river, Escatron, Sastago. Visit the Rueda Monastery.

Monasterio de Rueda

Ribera Baja del Ebro


Loma de los BrunosIberian village site. In the Bajo Aragón and surrounding regions. The sites are very well marked and there are interpretive centers in several municipalities.

Yacimientos Iberos



Ruta del Tambor(Drums route). During Easter in most villages from the Bajo Aragon area. Hijar,Alcañiz,Calanda......

Ruta del Tambor


MatarranyaMatarranya Route. Wonderful landscape. Massís dels Ports, Beceit, Arnes, Horta de Sant Joan........Important cultural heritage sites in all villages/towns, Calaceit, Vall-de-roures, Queretes

Ruta del Matarranya